Thank you for your interest in the Korea Tourism Organization’s Video Contest.
These are some sample topics which you can refer to.
These are just examples.Please demonstrate your creativity freely.
(The full explanation of the contest is informed on the Competition Outline)
Section Brief Examples
Food How to use cafeteria ordering and dining in a shopping mall, super market, amusement park, etc.
Food No extra charge to use in restaurants drinking water (self distributed), coffee vending machine, unlimited side dishes, wet towels, etc.
Culture Korean drinking culture basic rules, chi-maek (chicken with beer), various sojus etc,
Food Major national holidays traditional dishes, red bean porridge, songpyeon, chicken soup, etc.
Food Basic Korean dish kimchi stirred rice, ddukbokki, how to cook rice etc.
Place How to use spa clothes, various spas, food (sikhye, boiled egg) etc.
Food Challenging food raw octopus, fermented skate and steamed pork slices served with kimchi, etc.
Food Restaurants for special diets Vegan, gluten-free, etc
Food How to get food delivered to accommodations apps, phone calls etc.
Food Two choices spicy sauce noodles vs. cold soup noodles, jjajang vs. jjamppong, etc.
Transportation Bus cards purchase, recharge, refund, transfer etc.
Transportation Subway ticket purchase, use, return etc.
Transportation useful apps for directions Useful apps for finding directions during travel in Korea
Transportation How to use taxi How to call taxi, regular vs. deluxe, lost items, response to rip-off
Place Tourist attractions for solo travelers Accommodation for one person, restaurant, good experience spots
Place Instagram spots Places to take good photos of night view, pretty cafes, etc.
Life How to travel with kids and babies Available amenities, experience spots for kids and babies, etc.
Culture 12 Korean zodiac signs Introduction of 12 zodiac signs (animals), how to determine zodiac according to year of birth
Play Korean extreme sports Extreme sports available in Korea such as bungee jumping and mountain biking
Culture Basic manners (etiquette) in Korea When meeting new people, having meals, etc.
Culture Behaviors to avoid Don’t make loud noises in public places, do not wear shoes indoors, do not write person’s name in red, etc.
Place How to use Templestay How to make reservation, main activities, taboos, etc.
Misc Korean beauty secrets Morning skin care, make-up products, evening cleansing, etc.
Food How to eat Korean food like natives How to use the cover of cup noodle like a plate / Eating food off the roasting pan / Eating stone-boiled rice
Place Top 10 Best Island Trips for Foreigners Travel to islands in harmony with nature ex) Oedo Island, Jeju Island, Geojedo Island, Youngdo Island
Play Night culture in Korea Places where people can feel the energy during the night time like Dongdaemun Clothing Market, Itaewon etc.
Misc Using official apps how to use KTO apps: Audio guide, 1330 application (no extra charge), VisitKorea, etc.
Shopping convenience store – Mega shopping mall Convenience store vs. mega shopping mall comparison, PB goods, convenience store limited goods
Transportation How to pre-check in at the city airport How to check in at Seoul Station City Airport
Misc Tax Free How to use Tax Free in Airport, etc
Life How to use the post office How to send packages & letters, buy stamps, etc.
Life Introduction of famous local food Recommendation of must-have-dish
Transportation How to use ‘ttaleung-i’ bicycles in Seoul How to use public bicycles in Seoul ex) App installation, manual
Life Essential travel Korean Simple Korean expressions essential for travel /public transportation/ restaurant/ hotel check-in, etc.
Transportation Driving in Korea Coastal driving courses, roads with autumn leaves, using navigation system
Life Barrier-Free Tourism in Korea Public transportation and hotels for the disabled
Life How to use mobile phones in Korea purchasing SIM cards, stores, free wifi
Transportation City Tour Bus in Major cities City Tour Bus routes, recommended seasonal courses, etc.
Misc Things to be aware of when entering Korea (customs, medical substance, animals and plants, etc.) Items prohibited to be imported into Korea or prohibited to be exported from Korea, allowable limit of Tax Free and Duty Free
Transportation Jeju Bus Tour Course Introduce Jeju bus routes and usage
Accomodation Camping in Korea How to enjoy camping in Korea
Transportation How to use Seatrain Seatrain, Reservation, Facilities, Scenery, Price etc
Food Types of rice in Korea brown rice, five grain, barley, sorghum, rice with beans, rice cooked with red beans, black rice, Chinese pearl barley, etc.
Culture Korean subway culture Subway manners (no food, no loud calls and talk), explanations about seats for the elderly and the disabled etc, bicycle storage, subway map
Transportation Transit tour at Incheon ariport Sightseeing when transferring at Incheon ariport, introduction of main sightseeing spots